About the Work

Roger's work focuses on transforming leaders and teams to achieve measurable shifts in their paradigm and performances. This is achieved by teaching a clear and simple step-by-step transformational leadership method based on the Predictability of Human Behavior. His work supports corporate leaders to achieve the single most important asset of a company:

Creating A Corporate Culture Able To Operate In Today's Accelerated Change Environments

It's not what you do today but how fast you can be ready for tomorrow that matters? Corporate leaders are faced by a tremendous tide of social and economic shifts. Only leaders able to create open, flexible and fast-paced corporate cultures adapted to constant change will have companies with a speed-to-market time that allows them to move with the market and stay profitable.

Supporting Change Leaders With The Transformational Leadership
Tool Box

Over 10 years in the field supporting leaders Roger has developed a unique tool to support them achieve the desired measurable changes in their teams using a safe, step-by-step methodology The Transformational Leadership Tool Box This Tool Box removes the fear of the unknown when embarking on major change processes (How will people react? How long can we sustain the drive? How will we handle "political fall-out"? Will people follow?...) and helps leaders understand that:

  • Human beings are highly predictable
  • How to predict a vast amount of the actions, re-actions of people
  • Creating a link-by-link change strategy leading from a compelling vision to fully mapped out roll-out plans
  • Creating total personal buy-in from all team members
  • Cleaning out the politics and personal agendas that derail many change projects
  • Managing the team through the inevitable pitfalls of a change process (disillusion, fatigue, un-kept promises) to achieve total team breakthrough