Achieving Measurable Results

The Keys To Long Term Transformation

2 Things You Should Know To Achieve Long Term Success In Your Organization Through Working With Consultants and Educators.

How can we achieve excellent results for you?
With our tested and proven 5-Step Method, here is how it works:

The 2 biggest challenges to achieving long-term results in your team are:

a) Statistics (during/after the interaction)
b) The 'Dolphin Curve' (after the interaction)

Lets talk about statistics (a) first:

Achieving a Massive Transformational Shift In Your Company

Our empirical measurements have shown that every team that averages 15 or more people is made up of the following 3 generalized types of members:

1) 20% 'Pioneers'
The 'Pioneer' is a person who is always willing to use new technologies, information and tools. The 'Pioneer' is enthusiastic, self-motivated and usually achieves above average results.

The 'Pioneer' will take up most of the knowledge gathered in a workshop, talk or seminar and put it to use. His/her outlook on life is intrinsically positive and they are motors of any organization they work in.

2) 60% 'Fence Riders'
The 'Fence Riders' make up the bulk of most any team and are people who are basically willing to grow and follow their dream. Given constant guidance they will achieve a certain level of success. However, a 'Fence Rider' will literally be sitting on a fence between a 'yes' and a 'no'. As soon as they are not being actively motivated by the management or the 'Pioneers', self doubt will set in and the 'Fence Rider' will stop 'doing' and start 'trying to do'.

'Fence Riders' are characterized by intrinsic good will but lack certainty and self-determination to pull through on their own.

It is here that any organization can achieve its biggest breakthroughs for its investment. We will help you to achieve major transformational shifts within this large group of people and help them become self-driven 'Pioneers' who will adsorb and use all the information given to them in the workshops/seminars/talks.

3) 20% 'Nay Sayers'
The 'Nay Sayer' is a person characterized by a deep disbelief in the ability to improve anything. Hiding a probable personal insecurity behind a veil of disbelief that can express itself in cynicism, the 'Nay Sayer' will try to swing the rest of the team to inaction and rejection of change.

It is here that most organizations face the biggest threat to their improvement drives. As soon as the interaction (consulting project/training project) is over the 'Nay Sayer' will start an in-official opinion shaping campaign to dismantle most of the progress achieved (we refer to this as the 'Poison Ivy' effect). 'Nay Sayers' have been known to 'poison' the opinion of others around the coffee machine and in the lunch breaks until the first seedlings of change have been irreparably damaged.

The Keys To Massive Transformational Shifts In Your Company

Left on their own after the interaction in any consulting/training interaction the following scenario will happen to the team in question:

b) The 'Dolphin Effect'

When dolphins are excited they leap out of the water, however gravity pulls them back to earth.

Much the same holds true for teams of people. After the interaction the majority of the team will be very excited and rearing to go. However, after a few weeks the effect of the interaction wears off on most of the team members ('Fence Riders') who started with great intentions. Only a minority will use the new strategies for the long term ('Pioneers'). The key to success is to turn 'Fence Riders' into 'Pioneers', and these are the steps to achieving your success!

Making Your Investment Work arrow The Follow-Up Action

The key to long-term success is: repetition and coaching

Creating Long Term Success arrow The Body Building Analogy

Much like a person who wants to gain muscle weight and goes to a fitness studio once and pumps a lot of iron in the hope of instant Hulk-like results, the participants at workshops/talks/consulting projects get excited. Yet without follow up they will be left with much the same results as a one-day body builder: sore muscles and no results.

Every time human beings try something new, they will make mistakes ('sore muscles') until they have become confident using the new strategies.

Left unaccompanied most team members will fall back into old habits like a dolphin falls back into water.

Making Your Investment Work arrow Getting The Team To Be Responsible / The Follow-Up

Bringing the team back for regular de-briefs and strategy development is where your investment will bear long term fruits by creating long-term shifts in the team.

Every time the team comes back for a regular de-brief (the best suggested length is once a month for six months) an interesting phenomenon will happen.

These de-briefs are based on the Action Plans worked out by each and every participant. Using the 'Results-Belief' principle the participants will now be de-briefed of their results within the last month.

The 'Pioneers' will show results immediately, generating a sense of 'can-do' and allowing the 'Fence Riders' to overcome their questions and possible insecurities for the long run.

Turning 'Fence Riders' Into 'Pioneers'

Follow-up after follow up, 'Fence Rider' after 'Fence Rider', will become a 'Pioneer' generating a team of proactive powerful people that achieves superior results.

Should you have any questions on how to manage any possible 'Nay Sayers', please feel free to send us a mail and we will be glad to share some of our most powerful case studies that have helped our clients.

Your 6 Keys To Success

We are glad to help you achieve your corporate goals with these 6 possibilities of interaction:

I. Corporate Consulting Services:

These services are available for our 6 core areas of expertise:

  1. Leadership
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Creative Thinking Skills
  6. Negotiation Skills

The consulting services can be used as a stand-alone service. Our Team works with your company to establish it's specific needs using a tried and tested 20 step analysis approach after which leads to a full strategy and Action Plan for each project.

To assure the complete success of your new strategy in we offer a full implementation service.

II. Implementation

After working out the strategy and the Action Plan Results Team Asia will work at implementing these with the team. Monitoring, measuring results, re-aligning and fine-tuning the strategies and actions to be taken until the team has fully familiarized itself with the new strategies and these themselves have been optimized in the field.

These implementation services deliver the best results, saving you time and money by streamlining the targeted processes fast and efficiently.

A few examples:
Designing and implementing a brand new presentation and negotiation strategy for a client in the System Integration business (one of the global top 3 in this line of business) that created massive impact.

Designing and implementing new marketing strategies for the Asian division of the number one shock absorber company in the world that created a whole new level of awareness and business.

Designing and implementing a Unique Selling Experience for a leading chemical plating manufacturer allowing the company to tap hitherto unavailable prospects and extracting pivotal market information.

III. Workshops/Seminars arrow Maximum Knowledge Transfer

All our workshops/seminars are designed using Accelerated Learning Methods. This allows us to fully engage even large numbers of participants and create an environment that allows them to own the lessons to be learned instead of spoon-feeding them with information.

This is achieved by using Anchoring Techniques, a maximum of Whole-Brain communication involving Q&A sessions, activities, case studies, etc' and a minimum of powerpoint/overhead material.

IV. Train-The-Trainer arrow Tailor Made Training For You Delivered By Outstanding Trainers

For corporations with a large employee base and a dedicated team of trainers we are glad to offer the design of tailor made new workshops and Train The Trainer facilities.

Our Train The Trainer program comes complete with:

  1. Color coded trainer manual (with up to 3 levels of de-briefs per activity)
  2. Activity coded participant workbook as soft- and hardcopy
  3. Free full mentoring and coaching service up to 12 months
  4. Training with the actual program followed up by T-T-T sessions
  5. Follow-up de-brief training
  6. Etc

V. Public Speaking arrow Motivating & Transforming arrow Moving beyond motivation: Transforming organizations and individuals

Roger is one of the fastest rising stars in the ASEAN public speaking scene. His fresh, fun, irreverent style has charmed over 40,000 people in the last 3 years. Street-wise and always willing to interact with the audience, Roger is able to elicit electrifying response that leaves the audience motivated and shifts their behavior.

Check out some sound bites from Roger's Audio Library

His particular passion is speaking about:

  1. Visionary Leadership (ideally suited for middle-upper management)
  2. Creating Amazing ' Out Of The Box - Marketing Ideas (loaded with crisp case studies, Roger's speeches have sparked thousands to create totally fresh marketing angles for their business)
  3. Emotional Selling - How To Trigger An Emotional Sales Response (Ideally suited for frontline sales teams)
  4. Designing A Killer USP - 5 Keys To Out positioning and Outselling Your Competition (Ideally suited for managers and sales people)

For more topics please contact us, we will be glad to create an experience with you that will shift your audience.