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Bill Gates 11 Rules
Disruptive Leaders Re-Invent The World
How 2 men are re-shaping the very foundations of how individuals, companies and countries will eat, live and do business.
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Objective Truth
The Brand Excuse
The Power of Invitation
The Professionality Myth
The Race For The Best
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The Death Of Recruitment By CV
Are You Still A Company Or Already A Movement? read more...
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07:05 Episode 01: Setting Your Set of Beliefs
07:03 Episode 02: Victim, Villain or Hero?
06:40 Episode 03: The Victim as a Leader
05:11 Episode 05: The Villain as a Leader
10:09 Episode 06: Stepping Into Maturity
08:07 Episode 07: The Mature Leader in Action
06:26 Episode 08: Staying Motivated
07:57 Episode 09: Me and My Boss
05:57 Episode 10: Formal vs Informal Power
09:09 Episode 11: Managing My Peers
10:10 Episode 12: Self Marketing Part 1
06:36 Episode 13: Self Marketing Part 2
06:29 Episode 14: Opinions vs Fact - Monetizing Your Ideas
06:00 Episode 15: Gossips
04:56 Episode 16: Parental Guilt and Shame
04:13 Episode 17: Depression is a Friend
05:04 Episode 18: Consuming vs Living