Future Leadership Thinking

Disruption & Convergence > Tomorrow Happened Yesterday

Disruption & Convergence are the 2 key drivers that are re-shaping business models, leadership models, productivity models and working models at lightning speed.
What is Convergence

The merging of distinct technologies, industries, or devices into a unified whole

Example: Computer chip manufacturing has become exponentially cheaper with and exponential rise in their capacity (Moore�s Law). This lead to the appearance of the PC. Concurrent with the rise of cheap personal computing power the world was criss-crossed with a global fiber optics communication network, creating massive communications ability. These seemingly unconnected events converged to create a
disruptive new idea.

What is Disruption

When several seemingly unconnected events come together to create a new business opportunity that becomes a complete game changer to entrenched business interests. This game change is a Disruption. Disruption shatters existing assumptions and paradigms, creating previously unthinkable new business models that can make existing models obsolete overnight.

Example: Personal computing power and cheap global optic fiber networks converged to create a disruptive new business: Skype! The emergence of free telephony is now a reality that has seriously undermined the very foundations of all old-paradigm telco providers.

Are You And Your Leadership Team Ready To Disrupt Your Market?

In the past decades cutting edge leaders around the world have preached the virtues of self-destructing your business in order to create new thoughts and fresh approaches (Jack Welch). While these approaches were well documented and the good results admired the approach of creative self destruction was still seen as a
matter of personal management style.

Today's reality is different

Creative Self Destruction/ Disruption Not A Choice But A Must.

Companies at the cutting edge of their market understand one thing with crystal clarity:

  • My business model may be disrupted/evaporated from the most surprising angles at any moment (wikipedia evaporated the encyclopedia business, Skype is giving telcos a run for their money, mobile phones are attacking the traditional photography market, bloggers are undermining the ability of the mainstream press to control information).
  • I need to surround myself with managers and leaders who are able to deeply question our business, our culture, able to clearly observe a wide swath of emerging market & technology trends in order to synthesize new opportunities for our company.