Invitational Leadership

Creating Mature, Fully Bought-In Teams

The Transformational Leadership Toolbox has been developed over the last 10 years through working with hundreds of managers in some of the best global companies (HP, Dell, Standard Chartered Bank, Philips, Brother, Canon, Citibank, Medtronic, ING Insurance, etc).

Present Challenge:
Traditional companies are ill equipped to confront the massive disruptive changes shaping the market place.

Most traditional companies still operate on the basic paradigm of a management (boss) vs employee (follower) relationship.

This paradigm brings with it the following drawbacks:

  • Re-active workforce (you-say-I-do because I need the salary)
  • Lack of 'employee ownership' (they are not bought-in stakeholders)
  • Lack of active contribution and disruptive new idea-input
  • Slow reaction speeds to required massive changes (slow Team Velocity)
  • A 'have-to mentality': "I have to do this because it's the job!"

The Solution > Invitational Leadership

From Employees to Co-Creators

The cutting edge companies/organizations of the future (Google, wikipedia, Apple, etc) have made a crucial distinction:

  • Human beings have choice!
  • Markets and technologies have matured to give us infinite choice for our actions, thus the mature leader of the future has only one choice:

We can only invite our team members to achieve a BIHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) together. We are not a company/team/organization that forces anyone to do anything.

Our role as new Invitational Leaders is:

  • To define the vision and the BIHAG goal
  • To define specific rewards for all those who want to participate
  • To speak out a clear and unmistakable invitation to the whole present team

The Invitation & The Rules

This is our vision & BIHAG, we now invite you to achieve this with us and receive the following XYZ rewards if we do.
We trust you will find this goal personally interesting and rewarding.
We also understand that you might not be interested in this goal and thus ask you to not hinder other interested parties in achieving this goal and their rewards.
Should you not be interested please let us know and we will do our best to find you a new job with another team.
Should you accept the invitation please be aware that we are aware of the big gap we need to overcome in order to achieve this goal.
We recognize your ability to solve these questions and this ability is the very reason you are on this team: we need you to think, speak up, contribute and co-create our future.