Phase I

Stepping into Leadership

Stepping into leadership is a lifelong journey of self discovery, emotional These interactions focus on individuals who are about to be promoted into their first management position.

The First Hour Of The First Day (A 3 day session with recommended follow-up coaching sessions)

The first hour of the first day is when managers make or break their success as a future leader. It is the moment when the team sizes this new leader up and so, it is the moment when the new manager must:

Create trust in his/her ability as a leader

Create total buy-in for his/her vision

Set clear parameters of interaction and team rules in place
Begin building a team culture of total openness and communication

Set clear mutual expectations

Clearly observe the “roles” each team member has chosen for themselves (Pioneer, Fence Rider, Nay Sayer) and have a step-by-step action plan to convert doubters into believers