Phase II

Maturing Leadership Capabilities

These interactions are focused on managers who have 2 or more years of active management experience. Reflecting on their field experiences the participants will be able to fine tune key aspects of their leadership skills and achieve measurable quantum leaps in their team’s performance once they are equipped with these cutting edge leadership insights:

Transformational Leadership Language (A 1 – 2 day session)

The success of a leader depends on becoming fully aware of the meaning of language, the words he/she uses, the key semantics of how to construct tightly focused messages and questions that allow their team members to create total clarity of intention. Hand in hand with the
verbal component of communication a leader has to be aware of the immense impact of non-verbal communication.

Participants will mature into becoming exquisite communicators who craft tightly focused communication interactions leading to total clarity for all parties involved. This, in turn, leads to measurable increases in delivery speed and team efficiencies.