Phase III

Leading in the Boardroom

These interactions support managers who have been earmarked for the promotions fast track, or leaders who are already operating in a C level environment.

The further and faster a person gets promoted through the ranks the ‘lonelier’ it gets. Individual corporate leaders may end up operating in an almost isolated environment, they may get hardly any feedback from the team since the team relies on the leader to take the necessary decisions. This puts many leaders in the position of operating in the ‘fog of war’, taking the best decisions possible in an ever evolving market place and largely reacting to current necessities.

All our interactions are designed to support these high ranking corporate leaders to step out of the ‘fog of war’, take a clear look at themselves, their thinking process and their strategies. This detachment creates the necessary space to create new ideas and move ahead with a new degree of clarity.
Leadership Visioning Retreat (2 day session)

It is crucial for corporate leaders to step out of the daily routine at least once a year and take a clear look at the status quo as well as clearly analyze the current circumstances and formulating a clear strategy for the road ahead.