Race for the Best

The Race For The Best & Brightest Is On!

Winning The Battle For The New Productivity Frontier

The Challenge

Technology Has Become Generic!

The world has crossed a crucial threshold: Technology has become generic! The day IBM sold it’s PC division to Lenovo is the day the world understood that technology on it’s own cannot provide a cutting edge advantage to your company anymore. Your competitors have unlimited access to technology and are able to equalize technological advantages in a matter of months, instead of years. The race for success now lies squarely on the shoulders of your team, a team where each single individual takes full ownership of their position, delivers at the top of his game and propels the company to success faster than your competitors… The race for the Best & Brightest is on!

Why Should The Best & Brightest Work For YOU?

Hand in hand with rapidly evaporating technological barriers emerged a new phenomenon: The ME Company.

Starting your own company has never been so easy and so cheap. Generic technological infrastructure (internet, generic laptops, printers, professional software, MSN, Skype, etc) allows the Best & Brightest to work for themselves and start their own globally operating companies at a formerly unimaginably low cost.

An ever increasing brain drain of the Best & Brightest is leaving corporate life to follow their dreams and set up their own ME Company or leave college never to enter a corporation!

The Solution

The new Productivity Frontier is your human capital. You must win the battle for the Best & Brightest minds at three levels:

  1. Transforming your existing team from an expected level of action to an extraordinary level of performance of action from the heart. This goes hand in hand with:
  2. Creating a Legendary Work Culture. An open, fast paced, highly communicative work culture that magnetizes the Best & Brightest to stay. A Legendary Work Culture that has:
  3. The Best & Brightest lining up to join you

Creating A Legendary Work Culture

Most companies battle with the pervasive problem of complacency. Human beings are creatures of the comfort zone. If changes for the worse happen in small enough steps people will see these not as threatening, but as natural progression of things: “that’s just how it is”.

Step 1 : Declare A BOLD Vision & “Impossible Targets”
The essence of transformation is to shake people out of complacency, to demand more of themselves than they ever thought possible! To create a climate of vision driven excitement combined with a healthy fear of the unknown.

Step 2 : Show Them The Brightness Of Future: What’s In It For Them!
Predictably the announcement of a big new vision will collide head on with the well established, hardened crust of people’s comfort zones. It is crucial for each individual to understand that there is glory, money, rewards in it for each and every one of them at the end of the rainbow!

Step 3 : Make The Gap Evident – Then Help Them Bridge It!
As soon as the vision and the goals have been declared one simple fact will become amply evident: To achieve the vision and reap the personal rewards of this victory things cannot stay as they are à there is a GAP and we will all work together to bridge the gap in order to achieve our vision.

Step 4 : Design The New Legendary Work Culture
It is time to create the new Legendary Work Culture. This work culture is an INVITATION for all team members who are out to achieve the extraordinary to play full out and make the impossible happen. It is a set of working values that allows each employee to unleash their full genius, bring all.