Topics and Expertise

Roger's Core Areas Of Expertise

Self Awareness, Conscious Leadership & Transformational Leadership

Creating full immersion experiences Roger guides the participants to gain high levels of self awareness. This new level of self awareness now allows participants to safely dispose of old paradigms and start seeing the truth for what it is (Objective Truth). Unfiltered by any cultural and personal beliefs this ability to see Objective
Truth about themselves, their team, their company and the market realities allows the participants to create powerful new solutions that work fast.

Hand in hand with rising self awareness the participants learn how to clearly read human emotions, expectations and paradigm-guided behaviour. This ability allows them to become experts at predicting human behaviour patterns and creating fully thought through leadership strategies and solutions that create predictable, measurable team transformations.

The end result is a team of Conscious Leaders who are able to create open, interactive, fast-moving work cultures with high Team Velocity who attract the Best & Brightest to become co-creators in this highly conducive work-space.

Workshop & Talk Topics

The First Hour Of The First Day

The success or the failure in taking over a new team are rooted in the actions taken during the very first hour of the manager's initial meeting with the team. This workshop/talk imparts a step-by-step methodology on how to:

Take over the team
Set the correct expectations
Creating total team buy-in for the Vision
Negotiating clear goals
Creating trust and getting the team to speak openly
Setting clear team rules
Dealing with 'politicians' in the team and aligning the team
Creating a clear, measurable path to achieve the team's goals
Installing powerful rewards cycles that keep the team motivated and on track
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Transformational Leadership Achieving Predictable, Measurable Change In Teams & Companies
Leaders learn how to plan out a hands-on transformation strategy in order to create their desired changes on a measurable basis by:

Understanding the parameters of creating a truly inspiring vision
Moving from an 'employee' paradigm to a co-creator paradigm (you are not here to just 'do the job'! we want to work with people who co-create the future with us and get rewarded accordingly)
Becoming an Invitational Leader who offers an opportunity
Understanding the statistics of transformation (team members react in predictable patterns as "Pioneers", "Fence Riders" or "Nay Sayers")
Creating open conversations of the real gaps the company has to overcome
Creating total individual ownership by the team members to overcome specific gaps working out specific, measurable action plans to overcome these gaps

Getting Ready For The Boardroom Conscious Leadership
A pilots ability to fly the 747 Jumbo does not qualify him to fly the most advanced flying machine of them all: the space shuttle. This parable is applicable to leadership: being an excellent manager does not automatically make him/her into great boardroom material. The boardroom is a totally different environment from the normal
days-to-day management routine and requires and individual to:

Synthesize large amounts of seemingly unrelated data into on clear picture
Recognize trends where other just see blips of information
Observe with great clarity
Question with sharp precision to get to the core of issues
Clearly understand and read the intentions of others
Make clear cut decisions within short times
Unmask hidden messages & agendas
Create understanding & buy-in
Bring the future into the present and formulate clear strategies that allow the company to stay at the cutting edge

These abilities quite simply mean that the individual needs to transcend from being an excellent manager who executes his given goals with great skill to becoming a conscious individual who has exceptional powers of observation and inquiry, enabling him/her to clearly see through the fog of war, formulate specific strategies and create total buy-in across his/her organization.
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Conscious Leadership Language & Semantics
Language is the process by which we create reality. Our ability to create success as a leader is directly linked to our ability of controlling our communication. Participants learn the specific skills of creating crystal clear communication pieces which allow their teams to fully buy into the leaders vision/mission.

Using vocabulary of clarity
Avoiding conditionals and the pitfalls of false communications
Establishing the 'mini contract' culture of communication
Understand the hidden messages behind the choice of words used by individuals

Corporate CSI Unlocking The Unspoken Conversations & De-Politicizing The Company
Most all human cooperation scenarios are dogged by something we tend to call 'politics' where a series of 'obvious' events/communications lead to misunderstandings, fights, simmering politics. These in turn lead to huge losses of time and nerves due to unspoken rivalries, turf wars, etc.

Corporate CSI focuses on clearing out these emotional lock-downs and unspoken disputes by unlocking the true triggers that led to the disputes in the first place.

It's never what it seems to be: Many company politics and corporate feuds have seemingly specific reasons for existing. Ask the aggrieved parties and you will discover a specific roster of grievances each party levels against the other. These seemingly obvious reasons mostly cover up a longer lasting series of misunderstandings both parties amassed before the final breakout of hostilities.

Sleuthing for the initial spark: participants learn how to create logical questioning paths that allow both parties to de-pressurize their emotions and focus on discovering the trail of prior mis-communications that led to the visible blow-out. Finding this initial spark now allows the Corporate CSI specialist to heal the emotional wounds both parties have inflicted on each other and to create a clear new trust basis from which both parties can operate in the future.

Keynote Topics
Transformational Leadership - Achieving Predictable, Measurable Change In Teams
Corporate CS - Unmasking The Hidden Truth Behind Corporate Politics and Creating Open Working Cultures
Team Velocity - Creating A Fast Paced Leadership & Empowerment Culture That Allows Teams To React To The Market In Real Time
Creative Self-Destruction - How Disrupting Your Own Business Model And Thinking Processes Will Lead To Cutting Edge New Solutions
Culture Mergers - A Path To Smoothly Synchronizing Different Cultures After M&As Using Measurable Psychological Principles